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As we all know, you can get Diablo II to run in Windows mode by passing it the “-w” option, for example:

charles@Bender:~/Games/Diablo II$ wine Diablo\ II.exe -w

On windows, you can then get it to go “big” by maximizing you. It’s not possible to do this in Linux, since it’s told that it doesn’t support this feature. You can override this in KDE by:

  1. Right clicking on the window bar, More Options > Special Window Settings
  2. Checkmark “Size”, Force, and enter a resolution that’s an aspect ratio on 4:3
  3. Obey Geometric restrictions, Force, No
  4. Click “Appearance and Fixes”
  5. Block Compositing, Force, Yes

And tada! A big Diablo II window. If you don’t care about stretching, you could even not pick a ratio of 4:3.

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