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Although this should be as easy as an apt-get command, there is a trick to installing VICE for use as a Commodore64 emulator in Ubuntu. It took me a while to figure it out, and I kept getting the error: ?DEVICE NOT PRESENT ERROR when attempting to autoload a rom.

Step 1: Install VICE through the package manager

sudo apt-get install vice

Step 2: Download the VICE source package

You can search around for this if you can’t find it handy; VICE is open source, so it should be easy to find. I find it here:

wget -O vice-2.4.tar.gz

Step 3: Copy stuff

After downloading it, extract it and copy the needed drivers/kernels/roms to the appropriate folder.

tar -xvzf vice-2.4.tar.gz
cd vice-2.4/
sudo cp -R ./data/* /usr/lib/vice/

This will copy some unneeded stuff; but those items don’t take up much space, and don’t hurt anything. This is way easier than grabbing each file (you might be able to use Make to install those things, but I’m too lazy for that).

Step 4: Enjoy

Launch VICE and enjoy gaming old-school!

x64 ~/Downloads/Lordscon.d64

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